The Nuts & Bolts of Legal Planning in Israel for Aging and End of Life

Whether your elderly parents live in Israel or are planning Aliyah, we can’t stress enough the importance of them signing a full set of Israeli legal documents that will allow them to articulate their wishes and empower a trusted person to help with administrative matters and to facilitate decision-making if there comes a time that they can’t make decisions for themselves (temporarily or permanently). 

In this informative webinar with B’Lev Shalem, Miriam Shatsky, Adv. discusses the “nuts and bolts” of legal planning in Israel, providing clear explanations on matters such as:

✔ How your parents can appoint someone who can handle things for them if they are out of the country or physically incapacitated, or just want someone to be able to help out with administrative/bureaucratic matters (General Power of Attorney).

✔ Why and how your parents should appoint a proxy to handle things for them or to handle finances or make medical decisions for them in the event they lose cognitive capacity (Enduring POA), and who can act as a proxy. 

✔ How your parents can document their end-of-life wishes in advance and appoint someone to express those wishes if they are not able to do it themselves.

Miriam Shatsky is a wills & estates lawyer with over 13 years of experience, whose practice focuses on helping seniors plan for their “Golden Years”. She is fluent in English and Hebrew, licensed to practice law in Israel, and certified to prepare Israel’s new “Enduring Power of Attorney”.