Planning for Aging

Planning for Aging in Israel

As experienced Care Managers, we understand the significant impact that planning has on optimal aging. That is why we created our Planning for Aging service to help seniors organize important information, create a realistic plan for aging, and legally document their plans, preferences, and values to ensure their wishes are honored.

Planning for Aging Toolkit©

Using our proprietary Planning for Aging Toolkit©, a B’Lev Shalem Care Manager will meet with you to help consolidate personal information and important documents, and to help you think about:

 Housing preferences and assessing home readiness

 Maintaining control of major health decisions

 Caregiving preferences

 Your financial plan for aging

 Staying Active

 Maintaining social interaction and intellectual activity

 End-of-life planning

Once your Planning for Aging Toolkit© is complete, your Care Manager will check in once a year to update information as necessary, and of course will be available to step in in case of emergency.