Caring for an elderly parent can be overwhelming, especially if you live far away.

We are here to help!

Our team of professional Care Managers understands the complexities of caring for an elderly parent or relative. You can count on us to quickly:

  • Assess your loved one’s needs and preferences
  • Coordinate quality services and products to address them
  • Ensure that they are receiving all potential benefits and rights 
  • Strive for maximum independence and quality of life

But we don’t stop there.

Your Care Manager is dedicated to your loved one’s health and well-being in Israel. Our Care Management Package includes visiting routinely to monitor care, addressing changes, managing crisis, managing bureaucracy like Bituach Leumi and Kupat Cholim, communicating with family, and advocating on their behalf.

We know that everyone’s needs are different, so we make a personalized plan for your family that ties together all the moving parts of senior care, including:

Medical, Cognitive & Emotional Health

Connecting you to the right care providers; asking questions you may not have considered, scheduling and accompanying your loved one to appointments; ensuring that orders are understood and followed-up; and helping manage medications.

Bureaucracy & Entitlements

Navigating Bituach Leumi, Kupat Holim, and private insurance; researching maximum benefits; handling applications and paperwork; following up and advocating every step of the way.

Legal & Financial

Working with vetted family lawyers to facilitate decision-making if your parent is not able to make decisions independently (powers of attorney, advanced directives, and guardianship); helping manage household finances and bills, limiting the possibility of elder financial abuse and scams.

Communication & Conflict Resolution

Providing regular updates to family and care providers; facilitating dialogue between aging parents and their adult children; and helping siblings make decisions.

Support at Home

Helping you find the right foreign or Israeli caregiver, working with vetted agencies to get the required permits; training and transitioning caregivers, monitoring in-home care; and coordinate meal delivery, laundry service, home maintenance and transportation.

Safety & Security

Coordinating fall risk and home safety assessments; and coordinating appropriate modifications and technologies.


From lectures to day centers to home visits to volunteering, we recommend and coordinate social, recreational and intellectual activities in order to combat loneliness and promote physical and emotional well-being.


We fight for you. We will be your dedicated advocate in times of hospitalization, health crisis or chronic illness and treatment path, to ensure that get the best care possible.

When to call a Care Manager?

When you live far away from your aging parents, but can’t provide the type or amount of help needed.
When there is a crisis, and family members are faced with too many decisions to make all at once, or they don’t have the knowledge, ability and/or resources to provide meaningful help.
When an older adult is resistant to the help needed to live safely and independently at home.
When a family needs on-going support managing a complex situation such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s disease.
When family conflict is an obstacle to making decisions and providing meaningful care.
When you’re being pulled in too many directions and are overwhelmed trying to balance the needs of your family, your parents and your job.
Contact us today for information about our Ongoing Care Management Package!