Our Care Managers provide your loved ones with the same quality of care and attention that we would want for our own family members.
A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) is a health and human services specialist who helps individuals provide care for older parents or relatives. A professional GCM has a background in a field related to care management, such as social work, gerontology, occupational therapy, or nursing, and specific training in care management. The GCM uses a holistic approach to create a plan of care that ties together multiple facets of a client's life, considering medical, cognitive, emotional, social, legal, financial and intellectual needs. Typically, the GCM gets to know his or her client through an assessment, followed by ongoing care coordination management that sets up the service the client needs and provides oversight of those services, keeping an eye out of changes in status and stepping in as an advocate when needed.
There are a number of great in-home care companies in Israel that provide services such as home repairs, meal delivery, shopping, laundry, and the like. Some of these companies can also coordinate home visits from health care professionals or arrange for caregivers.
Care Management goes one step further. Care Managers are experts and understanding the needs of older adults and coordinating the right services to meet those needs, going beyond meeting the practical needs of living at home to address the spectrum of issues under-lying healthy aging. EOI's care managers work only with service providers who meet our high standards of quality and customer service - from caregiving agencies to handipersons, from geriatric physicians to alterative health practioners.
Care Managers typically come from a background in gerontology or social work, but also have specific subsequent training and certification in “care management”, i.e., a specialized service for older adults that identifies their needs and coordinates services to meet those needs. Care Managers wear a number of hats - part social worker or gerontologist, part advocate and part educator. They examine the situation of each individual client holistically, considering all the factors, including mental and physical health, personal preferences, financial resources and family support. Armed with this information, the Care Manager acts as an experienced guide, helping to identify their clients’ needs and determine the appropriate type, level and source of care to help meet those needs.
We typically start working on an hourly basis through the initial assessment process. Once we have an understanding of your family's needs, desires and budget, we will recommend a a cost-effective “package” of services that meets your requirements. Packages range from minimal services – perhaps just one visit per month and coordinating services as they are required - to comprehensive services that include multiple visits per week, and daily coordination and monitoring. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed description of our services and prices.
Private Care Management can be costly, and we understand that it is not within every-one’s reach. We are advocating for this service to be covered by insurance and we hope that one day it will be. In the long run however hiring a Care Manager can actually save you money by:
✓ Potentially identifying funding you may not have known you were entitled to, helping you plan ahead in a cost-effective manner, and identifying free community resources.
✓ Acquiring time and peace of mind so that you can concentrate on your job, family and own health.
Our goal is to allow older adults to remain in the home of their choice for as long as possible. In the long run, staying at home is significantly less expensive than moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, even when factoring in the costs of in-home care and Care Management.
Unfortunately, no. Care Management is in its infancy in Israel and is not yet recognized as a profession by the health care industry. We are working hard to educate the Israeli public as to the benefit of Care Management services, not only to older adults and their families, but also to society at large, in hopes that the profession will someday be recognized as necessary to be covered by insurance.
The Assessment is a critical tool for us to see the full picture of your family’s situation, identifying challenges, putting in place solutions and support to improve quality of life, and anticipating and meeting future needs. Of course, addressing immediate issues come first, so very often we will get to work providing practical solutions concurrently with conducting our Assessment.
Not only can we help, we can identify benefits that you may not know you are entitled to. EOI Care Managers are experienced in working within the Israeli social service system and we can guide you step-by-step in how to get the benefits to which you are entitled.
Our goal, like yours, is to help your older loved one to live the life he or she wants in a safe, healthy and happy way. But older adults may come to different decisions from their children about what type of care they need and when they will need it. When there’s a conflict, we can help clarify the situation and pose different options.
Caregivers are often a great option, but many older adults feel that the decision to hire a caregiver is the first step on the path towards depending more and more on others. We may be able to diffuse the conflict by highlighting how a caregiver actually strengthens in-dependence rather than diminishes it. A caregiver’s support will help the older adult re-main in their own home for the long-term, or free up the time they spend doing ordinary time consuming household tasks, so that they can be with their friends or grandchildren or find other interesting activities.
At the end of the day, however, older parents need to make their own decision about care. In 20 years of work, we have seen many situations in which adult children insist on “put-ting a caregiver in”, and the parent refuses that person’s help. This only exacerbates the situation and creates increased conflict between the parent and adult child. Our work respects the older adult’s decision making capacity, and we can offer an array of support, whether it’s that full-time caregiver or the once a week housekeeper.
We are not an employment agency, but we can definitely help you find a caregiver. We typically recommend that, even if your sole goal is to find a caregiver, we meet with you to assess your needs so that we can understand your specific needs and also support your family once a caregiver is in place. We can, however, also work on a consulting basis solely to help you screen and select a qualified caregiver.
All of our Care Managers hold advanced degrees in social work, gerontology or related fields, and have completed EOI’s proprietary training and certification process. Our Clinicial Director provides on-going mentoring and supervision of all Care Managers, ensuring quality of services and addressing any concerns. Most importantly, our entire staff work as a team on an ongoing basis, problem solving collectively, developing best practices, and sharing new resources, and exploring new technologies designed to improve the lives of older adults.
Personalized and compassionate service is the cornerstone of EOI. Each Care Manager takes on a limited number of clients, enabling them to get to know each one individually on a personal level, and to focus on his or her wants and needs.
Though your relationship with your Care Manager is a personal one, we operate as a team to make sure that we are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We keep diligent notes and records in a centrally located secure database that is accessible at all times to all of our Care Managers and EOI management. On the rare occasion that your Care Manager is not available, someone else can seamlessly step in to help.

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