Like all employees in Israel, foreign caregivers are entitled to take off 9 paid holidays per year. Here’s how it works:

Designation of Holidays

At the beginning of employment, caregivers should specify which holidays they wish to observe for the duration of their employment. Caregivers may choose to observe either the calendar of their country or Israel’s national holidays.

Payment for Work on Holidays

If a caregiver works on a designated holiday (rather than take it off), they are entitled to payment at the same rate as work on their weekly day of rest.

If a designated holiday coincides with the caregiver’s scheduled day of rest, however, they are not entitled to an additional day off or extra compensation for working on that day.

Payment for Holidays is not a “Year-End Benefit”

In practice, many caregivers asked to be paid for 9 holidays at the end of each year, however discourage this practice as it contradicts the law.

2024 International Holidays

Scroll down for a list of holiday dates and days 2024.

Israel National Holidays
Passover (Day 1)23.04.2024Tuesday
Passover (Day 7)29.04.2024Monday
Yom HaAtzmaut14.05.2024Tuesday
Rosh Hashana03.10.2024Thursday
Rosh Hashana (Day 2)04.10.2024Friday
Yom Kippur12.10.2024Shabbat
Sukkot (Day 1)17.10.2024Thursday
Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah24.10.2024Thursday
New Year’s Day01.01.2024Monday
Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day10.02.2024Friday
People Power Anniversary25.02.2024Sunday
Maundy Thursday28.03.2024Thursday
Good Friday29.03.2024Friday
Black Saturday30.03.2024Shabbat
The Day of Valor09.04.2024Tuesday
Labor Day01.05.2024Wednesday
Independence Day12.06.2024Wednesday
Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)17.06.2024Monday
Manila Day24.06.2024Monday
Ninoy Aquino Day21.08.2024Wednesday
National Heroes Day26.08.2024Monday
All Saints’ Day01.11.2024Friday
All Souls Day02.11.2024Shabbat
Bonifacio Day30.11.2024Shabbat
Immaculate Conception Day08.12.2024Sunday
Christmas Eve24.12.2024Tuesday
Christmas Day25.12.2024Wednesday
Rizal Day30.12.2024Monday
New Year’s Eve31.12.2024Tuesday
New Year’s Day01.01.2024Monday
Makar Sankranti15.01.2024Monday
Republic Day26.01.2024Friday
Sonam lhosar10.02.2024Shabbat
Bir Chilarai Divas24.02.2024Shabbat
Maha Shivaratri/Shivaratri08.03.2024Friday
Good Friday29.03.2024Friday
Easter Sunday31.03.2024Sunday
Babu Jagjvan Birthday05.04.2024Friday
Navrata Gidi Padwas09.04.2024Tuesday
Ambedkar Jayanti14.04.2024Sunday
Rama Navami17.04.2024Wednesday
Ram Navami17.04.2024Wednesday
Mahavir Jayanti21.04.2024Sunday
Labor Day01.05.2024Wednesday
Buddha Purnima/Vesak23.05.2024Thursday
Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha17.06.2024Monday
Thomas Jones Day22.06.2024Shabbat
MHIP Day06.07.2024Shabbat
Ratha Yatra07.07.2024Sunday
Karkidaka Vavu03.08.2024Shabbat
Independence Day15.08.2024Thursday
Krishna ashtami26.08.2024Monday
Janmashtami Krishna Jayanthi Sri26.08.2024Monday
Harithalika Ganesh Chaturthi06.09.2024Monday
Ganesh chaturthi07.09.2024Tuesday
Ramdev-Jayanti and Teja Dashmi13.09.2024Friday
Third Onam15.09.2024Sunday
Milad un-Nabi/Id-e-Milad16.09.2024Monday
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti02.10.2024Wednesday
Kati Bihu Lakshmi Puja Maharishi17.10.2024Thursday
Chhath Puja07.11.2024Thursday
Wangala Festival08.11.2024Friday
Guru Nanak Jayanti15.11.2024Thursday
New Year’s Eve31.12.2024Tuesday
Ramzan Id/Eid-ul-Fitar10.04.2025Thursday
Nari Dibas08.03.2024Friday
Nepali New Year13.04.2024Shabbat
Majdoor Divas01.05.2024Wednesday
Buddha Jayanti15.05.2024Wednesday
Ganatantra Diwas (Republic Day)29.05.2024Wednesday
Janai Purnima19.08.2024Monday
Gai Jatra20.08.2024Tuesday
Indra Jatra17.09.2024Tuesday
Constitution Day17.09.2024Tuesday
Chhat Parwa07.11.2024Thursday
Sri Lanka
Tamil Thai Pongal Day15.01.2024Monday
Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day25.01.2024Thursday
National Day04.02.2024Sunday
Navam Full Moon Poya Day23.02.2024Friday
Mahasivarathri Day08.03.2024Friday
Madin Full Moon Poya Day24.03.2024Sunday
Eid al-Fitr10.04.2024Wednesday
Sinhala and Tamil New Year’s Eve12.04.2024Friday
Sinhala and Tamil New Year’s Day13.04.2024Shabbat
Bak Full Moon Poya Day23.04.2024Tuesday
Good Friday29.04.2024Monday
May Day01.05.2024Wednesday
Vesak Full Moon Poya Day23.05.2024Thursday
Day after Vesak Full Moon Poya Day24.05.2024Friday
Eid al-Adha17.06.2024Monday
Poson Full Moon Poya Day21.06.2024Friday
Esala Full Moon Poya Day20.07.2024Thursday
Nikini Full Moon Poya Day19.08.2024Sunday
Milad-Un-Nabi (Holy Prophet’s Birthday)15.09.2024Sunday
Milad un-Nabi16.09.2024Monday
Binara Full Moon Poya Day17.09.2024Tuesday
Adhi Vap Full Moon Poya Day02.10.2024Wednesday
Vap Full Moon Poya Day17.10.2024Thursday
Il Full Moon Poya Day15.11.2024Friday
Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day14.12.2024Shabbat
Christmas Day25.12.2024Wednesday
New Year01.01.2024Monday
Defenders of the Motherland Day14.01.2024Sunday
International Women’s Day08.03.2024Thursday
First Evening of Ramadan10.03.2024Sunday
Eid al-Fitr10.04.2024Wednesday
Remembrance Day09.05.2024Thursday
Children’s day01.06.2024Shabbat
Eid al-Adha17.06.2024Monday
Islamic New Year06.07.2024Shabbat
Independence Day01.09.2024Sunday
Teachers Day01.10.2024Tuesday
Constitution Day08.12.2024Sunday
December Solstice21.12.2024Shabbat
New Year’s Eve31.12.2024Tuesday
New Year’s Day01.01.2024Monday
Orthodox Christmas Day07.01.2024Sunday
Orthodox Christmas Day holiday08.01.2024Monday
International Women’s Day08.03.2024Sunday
International Day of Solidarity of Workers01.05.2024Wednesday
Orthodox Easter Sunday05.05.2024Sunday
Orthodox Easter Monday06.05.2024Monday
Victory Day09.05.2024Thursday
Memorial Day/Parents’ Day27.05.2024Monday
International Children’s Day01.06.2024Shabbat
Independence Day27.08.2024Tuesday
Language Day31.08.2024Friday
Chisinau city day14.10.2024Monday
Cahul City Day21.11.2024Thursday
Christmas Day25.12.2024Wednesday
New Year’s Day01.01.2024Monday
Day after New Year’s Day02.01.2024Tuesday
Unification Day24.01.2024Wednesday
Labor Day / May Day01.05.2024Wednesday
Orthodox Good Friday03.05.2024Friday
Orthodox Easter Day05.05.2024Sunday
Orthodox Easter Monday06.05.2024Monday
Children’s day01.06.2024Shabbat
Orthodox Pentecost23.06.2024Sunday
Orthodox Pentecost Monday24.06.2024Monday
St Mary’s Day15.08.2024Thursday
St Andrew’s Day30.11.2024Shabbat
National holiday01.12.2024Sunday
Christmas Day25.12.2024Wednesday
Second day of Christmas26.12.2024Thursday
New Year’s Day01.01.2024Monday
Saint Joseph’s Day19.03.2024Wednesday
Maundy Thursday28.03.2024Friday
Good Friday29.03.2024Saturday
Labor Day / May Day01.05.2024Thursday
Ascension Day13.05.2024Tuesday
Corpus Christi30.05.2024Friday
Sacred Heart10.06.2024Tuesday
Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul29.06.2024Sunday
Independence Day20.07.2024Sunday
Battle of Boyacá Day07.08.2024Thursday
Assumption of Mary15.08.2024Friday
Columbus Day12.10.2024Sunday
All Saints’ Day01.11.2024Tuesday
Independence of Cartagena11.11.2024Tuesday
Feast of the Immaculate Conception08.12.2024Shabbat
Christmas Day25.12.2024Wednesday