Your Roadmap to Aging Well

If ongoing Care Management is more than you need right now, you can still take advantage of our knowledge and experience on a hourly basis

Referrals to health care providers, including geriatric specialists, physicians who make home visits, private nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and vision and hearing specialists

Navigating bureaucracy and maximizing entitlements (Bituach Leumi and private insurance)

Fall risk and home safety assessments; facilitating recommended modifications

Referrals to community resources that address your needs

Advising on housing options, including independent living v. assisted living or nursing facilities

Managing bill payment and referrals to vetted financial advisors

End-of-life decision making, including advance directives, powers of attorney and wills; referrals to attorneys.

Recruiting, screening and training caregivers (foreign and Israeli) or administrative assistants

Mediating family conflict; facilitating decision-making

Advocating during hospitalization, health crisis or chronic illness to ensure quality of care.

Identifying and securing technologies and tools that enhance independence and mobility

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B'Lev Shalem provides planning, support, and guidance to older adults living in Israel, and their families worldwide.