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We start with a meeting with you and your family to listen to your needs and concerns, and professionally ASSESS your situation, including medical and cognitive issues, level of independence, family dynamics and funds available for care.

With the information from the Assessment, we quickly create a personalized CARE PLAN that not only addresses urgent matters, but also proposes action items designed to anticipate and address future needs.

Ongoing, we can work with your family to COORDINATE services, monitor status, address issues as they arise, an in general help improve quality of life while minimizing risk of neglect or unnecessary hospitalization.

The Care Plan

Your Care Plan will address the needs and concerns raised in the Assessment, as well as important issues you may not have considered.

Your Care Manager has the expertise and knowledge of available resources to guide your family through the challenges of aging to maximum independence and quality of life.

Expert guidance, caring advocacy, and timely connections.
Medical, Cognitive and Emotional Health

Connecting with the right care providers, managing medication, and facilitating information sharing.


Comprehensive guidance on Bituach Leumi, Kupot Holim, and private insurance.


Review legal and financial issues including power of attorney and advance directives; referrals to vetted family attorneys or financial advisors.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Regular updates to family and care providers; facilitate dialogue between aging parents and their adult children, and among siblings.

Support at Home

Secure, screen and monitor in-home care, such as caregivers, meal delivery, laundry service, home maintenance and transportation.

Safety & Security

Assess fall risk and home safety, and coordinate appropriate modifications and technologies.


Recommend and arrange social, recreational and intellectual services that promote physical and emotional well-being.


Dedicated advocate in times of hospitalization, health crisis or chronic illness and treatment path to ensure that needs are adequately addressed.

When to call a Care Manager?

When you live far away from your aging parents, but can’t provide the type or amount of help needed.
When there is a crisis, and family members are faced with too many decisions to make all at once, or they don’t have the knowledge, ability and/or resources to provide meaningful help.
When an older adult is resistant to the help needed to live safely and independently at home.
When a family needs on-going support managing a complex situation such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s disease.
When family conflict is an obstacle to making decisions and providing meaningful care.
When you’re being pulled in too many directions and are overwhelmed trying to balance the needs of your family, your parents and your job.
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